About FVN

Welcome to Family Vacation Network!

FVN will enable you, your family, and your friends to enjoy luxurious vacations at the finest resorts. Our mission is to enhance the quality and quantity of your vacations. You will be able to earn money for all or part of your own luxury accommodations by sharing vacation benefits with those you care about, you could even earn substantial extra income as well.

Now more than ever, families are seeking an affordable quality vacation. By referring your friends and family to the Family Vacation Network, you may be providing the solution they were looking for — a great discounted vacation at an exciting destination!  While helping them get what they want, you may be rewarded with a “paid-for” vacation of your own. What is the value of a vacation experience your family will remember for a lifetime? Priceless!

The Family Vacation Network is an exciting new division of Westgate Resorts, owner of many of the world’s finest 4-5 Star vacation resorts. Westgate and its parent Company, Central Florida Investments, Inc., have grown into the largest privately owned timeshare company in the world. CFI understands that the future of commerce is based on referrals. “Word-of mouth” is the most effective form of advertising, and the company is more than willing to reward you for sharing your enthusiasm.

Having FUN with family and friends is what FVN is all about, and the financial rewards are a very nice by-product. Earn money by sharing fun — how cool is that? Some people may only want to offset the cost of their own vacations, while others may want to earn money for other expenses as well. In today’s economy many people are looking for extra money. For those who treat it like a business the potential is huge. As a home-based business (with tax-advantages) it could be an enjoyable way to earn a serious full-time income.

You Can Be Proud of Westgate Resorts

Westgate Resorts is poised to become the world’s leading vacation ownership provider, in terms of quality, owner satisfaction and market success. The company has expanded from its original resorts in Central Florida to include resorts in Miami Beach; Daytona Beach; Park City, Utah; Gatlinburg, Tennessee; Las Vegas, Nevada; Williamsburg, Virginia; Branson, Missouri; Tunica, Mississippi; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Westgate prides itself on creating unique, family-oriented vacation experiences. Guests are treated to five-star customer service from the moment they contact a Westgate Vacation Consultant until the time they check out. Customer satisfaction and referrals have resulted in the following statistics:

– Over 10,000 resort villas across the United States

– 5200 employees, accepting over 400,000 calls a month

– Over 375,000 Westgate timeshare owners

– More than 3,000,000 guests stay at a Westgate properties each year

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